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ETRAGE Viewer™

Disseminate quickly and easily share CAD, design, engineering and other viewable file formats with the ETRAGE Viewer. The ETRAGE Viewer reduces the time and cost of viewing and printing CAD viewables and other file formats. The software displays PDF and other viewable files created by the ETRAGE Plot Service™ for PTC® Windchill® (PSW), and other viewable creation applications or manual processes. Viewable metadata can be added automatically through PSW or manually. The user-friendly search engine and document storage system mirrors many internet search systems that are available for use every day.
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ETRAGE PTC® Windchill® EasySearch™

Today, companies have the need to provide their suppliers, purchasers or customers with immediate access to design files, while restricting them from accessing critical or confidential design data. ETRAGE PTC Windchill EasySearch enables companies with the capability to provide a fast and optimized way of delivering the desired design data to customers, suppliers, purchasers. This access speeds the information flow through engineering, manufacturing and service.
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