Our services have been in the areas of automation, customization, and systems integration of 3D solid modeling MCAD and PDM systems.

Our comprehensive knowledge, breadth of experience and close attention to detail, throughout a project, is one of our main strengths. Our size allows us to combine a wide spectrum of experience and high level of personal attention to our customers on any size or type of project. Our repeat customers and partners are our best references for our knowledge, experience and commitment we bring to every project.

CAD Automation

Automation of around-the-clock sheet metal design and manufacturing process. Data from order processing and manufacture scheduling systems drive the automatic generation of sheet metal geometry, nesting optimization, manufacture punching sequences and documentation drawings.

Optimal positioning of design features for oil drilling equipment. This application places and orientates drill head cutters based on optimized clearance requirements and cutter orientation.

Drawing data clean-up application searches drawings in Commonspace for specified general note text strings, deletes texts strings and replaces them with updated text, updates ECO information, creates PDF file of each modified drawing, checks in to Commonspace and documents which drawings have been modified.

Automatic generation of components and drawings based on company specific data structures.



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Synchronization of attributes in the electrical schematic drawings with Pro/CABLE 3D representation of the electrical systems.

Automate geometry creation and assembly of electric splices.

Automatic assembly of Pro/ENGINEER components based on a company specific structure stored in an XML file or company data base

Pro/ENGINEER J-Link application to measure and report "X" and "Y" distances and rotational differences between an assembly axis system and individual component axis systems.

Application, which marks specific drawing dimensions for inspection.

Quality extension to ModelCheck.

PDM Integration

Automation of project documentation for project initiation with project and company specific information developed with web forms. Includes a request to promote process, automatically plot promoted drawings and automatically generate project cover sheets upon completion of the project.

Data clean up of parts, assemblies and drawings with parameter rename prior PDMLink upload.

Integration of Pro/INTRALINK and MatrixOne which checks-out drawings from Pro/INTRALINK, runs ModelCheck in batch mode, reports results, changes the release level of passed models, and creates PDF files for import to MatrixOne.


Pro/INTRALINK trigger to warn designers on check-out of certain file types.

Pro/INTRALINK Toolkit trigger to enforce check-in procedure.

PDMLink Trigger to automatically create DXF and STEP files from Pro/ENGINEER parts and drawings.

Migration, Support and Maintenance of Existing Pro/TOOLKIT Applications

Upgrade company developed Pro/TOOLKIT applications to work with Wildfire 2 and company developed PDM application.

Integrate Visual Basic engineering applications directly with Pro/ENGINEER Toolkit development. Integration of existing company developed Visual Basic applications to Pro/ENGINEER for development of new or modification of existing Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies. Project included development of Pro/TOOLKIT plug-in APIs and a Visual Basic front end that calls to the plug-ins.

Upgraded an application for batch plotting of Pro/ENGINEER drawings when family table instances cause issues.

Migrate existing Pro/TOOLKIT applications from Pro/ENGINEER 2001 to Wildfire 2.

We have extensive experience in software development for:

  • Object oriented analysis, design and development
  • PTC - Pro/ENGINEER (Toolkit)
  • PTC - Pro/INTRALINK (Toolkit)
  • CATIA V5
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Unigraphics Solutions
  • Database applications
  • Knowledgebase systems
  • System integration
  • Internet integration

We are available to specialize for any application software development or maintenance task for our clients.